Doyle Guitars - Cigar Box Guitars

Doyle Guitars are built in a small shop in the Sierra Nevada foothills, by a guy with a dream to create the most playable cig box guitars possible for anyone who wants one. The only drawback of a Doyle cigar box guitar is you'll have to wait in line to get one.

Our guitars are novel not novelites, each one unique, each one designed without templates or patterns, all handmade or "hand rolled" if you prefer.

We strive to put new ideas and designs into old fashioned cigar box guitars without loosing the old fashioned craftsmanship and appeal. A new age of cigar box guitars that go above and beyond in sound and playablity.

A word from Mike Doyle:

From the time I took my hands out of my pockets, I've built or fixed everything from tree houses & bird houses to 50 foot yachts and custom homes.  I built my first musical instrument, a mandolin, back in 1974. Presently, I've found cigarbox guitars to be a  'too much fun' kind of creative outlet.  Each cigar box guitar more fun to build than the last.

My hope is that musicians will have fun playing my instruments and that everyone will get a kick out of seeing them as much as I get a kick out of building them. Enjoy!

Mike Doyle of Doyle Guitars